Tweet My Words (before someone nabs your name)

Posted by Alexandra Watkins on April 30, 2009

Hurry and register your name on Twitter before someone else hijacks it and tweets your words. It’s free to sign up and takes all of 17 seconds. Even if you don’t have the foggiest idea of what Twitter is or how you could possibly use it to get business, do yourself an enormous favor and secure your brand name (and personal name) on Twitter right now before someone else takes it. You can figure out how to use it later. Unlike domain names, Twitter names (e.g. eatmywords, spoonme, ihaveabean, monalisastyle, fusionlaw, halogenguides) don’t cost a dime and are snap to get. I was a Twitterphobe until we got a client, Cha Chang, who “tweeted” a question about needing a naming firm and got a “tweet” back from one of her “followers,” who referred her to Eat My Words. Cha-Ching! Since then, I’ve used Twitter a few times a week to blast out 140-character-or-less business updates, links to blog posts, and informal surveys. You can do the same and more… tweet special offers, ask your customers for feedback, and let them know about new products. Here’s how some of our clients are using Twitter to engage their customers. Click on their name to see their Twitter page and postings…
Spoon Me “Tweet your favorite Spoon Me combo!”I Have a Bean “We have a lease! We hope to be roasting by the week of May 9th”Solemate “Solemate is now #4 for Movers and Shakers on Kindle!”Fusion Law “Cal-COBRA Employers Get a Break My Dust “On beautiful days and nights like these, don’t forget 2 open the windows and shut the A/C (or heat) to save energy and increase air quality.”
Please let us know when you sign up. And be sure to follow us at eatmywords.
To learn how B2B marketers are using Twitter, read this excellent article.

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