Literally Eating My Words at Spoon Me

Posted by Alexandra Watkins on May 10, 2009

In town for Spoon Me founder Ryan Combe’s wedding over the weekend (see next post), thanks to the GPS in my rental car, I managed to hit two Spoon Me locations (and eat Spoon Me at the wedding) in less than 8 hours. Spoon Me is the name that Eat My Words is the most proud of creating. Ryan and his partners David and Wayne have built a cult brand that transcends frozen yogurt and has become one of the hottest franchises on the planet, with projections of 100 new stores within the next 18 months. Spoon Me is a stellar example of how a brand can take a name and run with it. (That’s why we call them names with “legs”.) From the best-selling “Shut Up and Spoon Me” t-shirts to the “No Spooning on Sundays” hours sign, to the Spoon Me movie quote graffiti (“You had me at Spoon Me”) in the bathrooms, there are endless ways to extend the brand through wordplay. Here are photos from my afternoon visit to the original store in Salt Lake City and my late night visit to one of the new super mod locations in Sandy, Utah. Thanks to everyone at Spoon Me for treating me like a celebrity. Can’t wait to come back!

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