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Announcing the award for the worst brand name of 2009…

It should go without saying that your brand name shouldn’t rhyme with “feces.” Announcing the worst name of 2009…
With 10 unfortunately-named nominees including MomSpit, iSnack 2.0, and isoars, the competition was fierce for our highly uncoveted Head Scratcher of the Year award. After months of online voting, bribery and consulting with the show’s producers, the runaway winner is Speesees. This name not only gives us a clinical case of the heebie jeebies, it blatantly disregards the no-brainer criteria of the Eat My Words SMILE & SCRATCH name evaluation test:

SMILE – the 5 qualities of a powerful name
Simple – easy-to-understand – No
eaningful – customers “get it”
Imagery – creates a mental picture Not a good one
Legs – wordplay opportunities No, total dead end
Emotional – entertains, engages, etc. – No, “enrages” is not an emotion you want to evoke, especially from Eat My Words

SCRATCH it off the list if it has any of these 7 deal-breakers
Spelling-challenged –
Copycat – similar to competitor’s names – No, thank goodness
Random – disconnected from the brand Totally
Annoying – hidden meaning, forced Bingo!
Tame – flat, uninspired, boring – We think so
Curse of Knowledge – only insiders get it Roger, that.
Hard-to-pronounce – with spit-up in your mouth, yes

Speecees will be awarded a hideously ugly pink and gold Head Scratcher of the Year trophy, compliments of Eat My Words.
Please continue to send us bad names for our 2010 Head Scratcher contest. And if you want to make sure your own brand name doesn’t get entered, go here to see if your name sucks.
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