Debbie Does More Than Dallas…

Posted by Alexandra Watkins on September 30, 2011

If you’ve ever been stuck in voicemail hell, it may have been the voice of Debbie Irwin who told you to “Press 9 for customer service.” The voice of the Statue of Liberty, Debbie is one of most interesting people I’ve ever met. A former NYC stockbroker, she left Wall Street for Sesame Street when she started to have kids. After they were grown, she took a class in voiceovers and was not only hooked, she was hired. You can hear her voice on countless commercials, corporate videos, audio books, webspots, eLearning programs and more. Debbie Irwin the person is highly memorable. Unfortunately her business name, Debbie Irwin Voiceovers, was kinda forgettable. It didn’t shout out among her competitors or evoke her playful sense of humor. By rebranding her as Debbie Does Voiceovers, we gave her an instantly likable, loud, and unforgettable name that her clients love and love to talk about.

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