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How to Suggest Your Brand is Trustworthy or Credible

How to Suggest Your Brand is Trustworthy or Credible

Actions speak louder than a used car salesman’s suit. While your business should certainly be trustworthy and credible, trying to cram any form of those words into your brand name can sound disingenuous. Luckily, there are many other ways you can convey that you have a quality company or product. Adding a strong secondary word in your name is an excellent solution. For instance, the company that makes the robotic vacuum Neato is named “Neato Robotics.” Other modifiers you can try are “Global,” “Industries,” or “Group,” which can instantly add heft to you name. Another way to convey trust and credibility is with customer testimonials on your website, a guarantee, professionally designed promotional materials, and an active social media presence. Don’t tell your customers you are trustworthy. Show them.

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