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Birds Do It, Bees Do It, Even B2Bs Do It?

Birds Do It, Bees Do It, Even B2Bs Do It?

Most B2B (business-to-business) companies fear that if their name is unconventional, they won’t be taken seriously. Listen, scaredy cats, you need to let go of your old-school way of thinking. Why should you believe me? For more than a decade, the name Eat My Words has been a magnet for high profile clients, including Coca-Cola, Disney, Google, Amazon, and Xerox. A fun business name suggests “We love what we do, and you’re going to enjoy working with us!”

Creative service firms have a lot of leeway with their names, but how about if they have conservative clients? Consider a consultancy for the biotech, pharma, and medical device companies named FreshBlood. You don’t have to be a vampire to love it.

Don’t be quick to dismiss law firms from having cool names either. Perhaps the best example of a grin-inducing B2B name comes from whip-smart attorney Leila Banijamali.

When Leila started saying her last name out loud to potential clients, she realized she would be making a mistake by naming her practice after herself. She enlisted our services to give her business a breakthrough name that evoked her firm’s core strengths: foundational legal support for creative agencies and emerging growth tech companies.

Focusing on the strengths of Leila’s practice, our creative team ideated around the concepts of foundation and support. Those are two rich veins for name ideas. We explored metaphors for architectural elements, structures, and strength, and finally landed on a name with a perfect fit: Bedrock.

The name transformed Leila’s firm. She told me, “Once we became Bedrock, the confidence in our brand shot up. So did our revenues. We started landing more interesting work and clients that are a better fit for us. I’m certain that without a magnetic name, we wouldn’t have attracted as much business. People are delighted with our name because it isn’t trying to be self-important. It shows our brand is not about the firm’s partners; it’s about the client experience.”

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