Brand Naming Tips on School for Startups Radio

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How to name your startup: Brand naming expert Alexandra Watkins gives away her best kept naming tips as a guest on School for Startups Radio.

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7 Strategies & Secrets for Killer Product Names

The most powerful brand names connect with people and move them to buy because they are based on familiar concepts that they understand and appreciate.

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See what it’s like to work with the most creative and fun naming firm on the planet >>>

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Nab your personal brand name free on About.Me

If you haven’t nabbed your “personal brand” name yet on About.Me do it now before someone else beats you to it. This is the most professional way I’ve seen to consolidate (and track) your online presence. And signing up is fast and free. About.Me has a beautifully clean design and they make it so simple, […]

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How about renaming it Brad Pit Bull?

Recently we were tapped to work on a highly controversial project… to rebrand America’s most demonized breed of canine, the Pit Bull. All of us here at Eat My Words are dyed-in-the-sheep wool animal lovers with many dogs, cats, goats, chickens, Chia pets, Pet Rocks, and one very angry goose sharing their lives with us. […]

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Literally Eating My Words at Spoon Me

In town for Spoon Me founder Ryan Combe’s wedding over the weekend (see next post), thanks to the GPS in my rental car, I managed to hit two Spoon Me locations (and eat Spoon Me at the wedding) in less than 8 hours. Spoon Me is the name that Eat My Words is the most […]

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Wha'chu talkin' 'bout, Willis?

The Sears Tower, America’s tallest building, is being renamed The Willis Tower as a result of a major new tenant, Willis Group Holdings. That’s it. We just could not resist the post title.

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Radisson Blu It

We are all for name changes. In fact we encourage it, in many cases. However, this one from Radisson is odd. First take a look at this from their website: “As time goes by, your much loved Radisson SAS Hotels & Resorts will change their name to Radisson Blu. This is not a revolution but […]

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NameTag®, You’re Not It

We are always amused by our competitors when they glorify their naming processes as “proprietary” methodology and come up with mumbo jumbo voodoo jive to describe what’s behind the curtain. Sometimes all that behind the curtain is empty space. Let us say it again: Everyone names things the same way, but some just do it […]

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Tasty Tidbits from the past week…

Sometimes we find juicy news not worthy of a full blog post, yet too darn good to not share with you. These “Tasty Tidbits” are digestible bites of news about new names and the naming industry and what we think of them here at Eat My Words. Bon Appetit! ______________________________________________________ Scary name for new roller […]

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