You should get yourself to Rehab

A few months ago we got a call from entrepreneur Veeno Suchdeve of West Babylon, New York. He was opening a self-serve frozen yogurt store at the mall and wanted a more provocative name than Spoon Me, which is quite possibly the best name ever created by Eat My Words. Veeno asked us to create […]

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Debbie Does More Than Dallas…

If you’ve ever been stuck in voicemail hell, it may have been the voice of Debbie Irwin who told you to “Press 9 for customer service.” The voice of the Statue of Liberty, Debbie is one of most interesting people I’ve ever met. A former NYC stockbroker, she left Wall Street for Sesame Street when […]

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A painfully funny name: Briss

Our main man Mik discovered this baby… Briss is a (snore) cross-platform open-source Java application that (aha!) trims PDFs so they fit better and are easier to read on your eReader. Fun! We love this reaction… “This is outrageous. PDF mutilation is inherently wrong! At least let him wait until he’s old enough to decide […]

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Do they use coat hangers to groom them?

“Doggie Dearest,” Manhattan a dog and cat grooming parlor, has a name that might appear innocent to some, but insiders (like our name spotter, Gary Castille), are in on the joke. Inspired by the campy cult classic film,”Mommy Dearest,” (a 1981 biographical drama about actress Joan Crawford),  Doggie Dearest is a nod to this infamous […]

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Introducing Hand Job, a cheeky new nail salon in the Castro

Introducing Hand Job, a cheeky new nail salon that’s smack in the heart of San Francisco’s gay mecca, the Castro. Like our other “risque” brand name, Spoon Me frozen yogurt, Hand Job has tremendous potential to be monetized through the sale of lotions, potions, polish, t-shirts, totes, and anything else you can slap the logo […]

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50 Funny Store Names (with photos)!

Best Week Ever scoured the internet and pulled together these 50 store names that have fun with puns. Enjoy! 50. 49. 48. 47. 46 More Pun Stores (Seriously) After the cut. And they’re pretty much all brilliant. 46. 45. 44. 43. 42. 41. 40. 39. 38. 37. 36. 35. 34. 33. 32. 31. 30. 29. […]

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We wrote the book on naming books.

Imagine our surprise when we looked on Amazon a few weeks ago and saw that the book we titled Solemate was ranked #29 on their best seller list and #1 under books on “Depression.” (Nothing depressing about that!) Author Lauren Mackler came to Eat My Words at the eleventh hour, needing an arresting book title […]

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What do you call "Yelp for pet owners?:

Doggone it, “Yelp” would be the perfect name, but it was taken. So we came up with Breed Trust (and got on GoDaddy for $9.95). When you see the Breed Trust decal in a window of a pet service provider or on their website, you know that it is a business you can trust […]

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Announcing a fresh new name for Second Chance Coffee: I HAVE A BEAN

When some people thought the name Second Chance Coffee implied that the beans were recycled, the founders knew it was time for a name change. The name Second Chance stemmed from the mission of the company – to help ex-offenders help themselves by providing gainful post-prison employment, job training and a community of acceptance. The […]

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OpenTable Dishes Up Appetizing Conference Room Names

Kudos to restaurant reservation company OpenTable (my favorite free service) for having a contest to name their conference rooms. Out of 51 entries, the winning theme was “fictitious restaurants or cafes from TV shows.” Congrats to Julie Hall, the clever employee whose prize is a slick new TV. (How fitting!) Now people can say, “Let’s […]

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