Do you guys sell kitchen sinks?

It’s bad enough that we get cupcake orders for a Toronto bakery named Eat My Words (dot org), but these kind of emails, which I get on a regular basis, really take the cake: Subject: Order I will like to know if you do carry kitchen sinks. Get back to me with the types and […]

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We have everything but the Kitchen Sink

The Kitchen Sink blog received this inquiry today from a spelling-challenged person who has been whiffing too much Liquid Plumber… Dear Sir/MadamMy name is (name withheld to protect the confused) and i will like to know wether u have Kitchen sinks and also the brands tht u carry as well as the most cheapest instock.and […]

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Gname Our Gnew Gnome

The latest edition to the wildly colorful Eat My Words office is a nameless gnome by famed designer (and Target sell-out), Philippe Starck. Our Super Girl Friday Heidi, suggested the name Gnorm, but since it violates the #1 rule of the Eat My Words SMILE & SCRATCH Test (Spelling-challenged), Gnorm is a big Gno Gno. […]

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Cool Business Tool: LinkedIn

I was invited to join LinkedIn by Axel Albin, the Director of Verbal Branding at Addis and I now have a direct network 60 clients and freelancers. It truly is a fantastic tool for networking and I’ve discovered lots of new clients (Dunkin Donuts & Charles Chocolates) and potential clients through my own contacts and […]

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Fan Mail for my Alaska Salmon Sticker Ad

As you may know, I concepted the “peel off sticker” ad for Wild Alaska Salmon with Katie Rueter of Schiedermayer & Associates. The client just forwarded us a gushing email from UC Berkeley graduate who prides herself on being “somewhat impervious to advertisements.” Her letter proved my theory that people actually would put the stickers […]

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Salmon Ad Selected for US Ad Review

U.S. Ad Review selected my summer grilling Wild Alaska Salmon ad to be featured in their quarterly publication. The headline is, “So wild it practically flips over on its own.” The ad was selected by a small committee that is charged with reviewing hundreds of magazines each month and chooses about 75 total ads each […]

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