Announcing the worst brand name of 2010…

Putting the “wow” in bad spelling and impossible pronunciation, is Shwowp, Eat My Words’ Head Scratcher of the Year Winner for the worst brand name of 2010. It was a heated competition with other contenders including Retardex Toothpaste (need we say more), Morongo Casino (where ‘morons go’ to gamble?), and iSwipe (say it out loud). […]

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Whose name will be revealed as the worst of 2010?

We are getting ready to announce the worst brand name of 2010 – the winner of the Eat My Words’ annual Head Scratcher of the year showdown… stay tuned here for the big announcement later this week…

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OpenTable Dishes Up Appetizing Conference Room Names

Kudos to restaurant reservation company OpenTable (my favorite free service) for having a contest to name their conference rooms. Out of 51 entries, the winning theme was “fictitious restaurants or cafes from TV shows.” Congrats to Julie Hall, the clever employee whose prize is a slick new TV. (How fitting!) Now people can say, “Let’s […]

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Name the baby gorilla – his father will pick the winner.

The San Francisco Zoo is having a contest to name their new baby gorilla. Get this – the father of the infant, Oscar Jonesy, a dominant silverback gorilla, will choose the winner by selecting one of five colored bamboo sticks. I am not making this up. From the website. “A panel of judges appointed by […]

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Vote For the Worst Brand Name of 2008

All year long we compile the biggest brand name “Head Scratchers” in our blog. Now you can vote for the worst one and help induct it into the Eat My Words Name Shame Hall of Fame. Based on criteria from the Eat My Words SMILE & SCRATCH name evaluation test, here are what we consider […]

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