NameTag®, You’re Not It

We are always amused by our competitors when they glorify their naming processes as “proprietary” methodology and come up with mumbo jumbo voodoo jive to describe what’s behind the curtain. Sometimes all that behind the curtain is empty space. Let us say it again: Everyone names things the same way, but some just do it […]

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Palin Bailin'

Someone from Alaska, who has the same name as someone who works for the Central Committee of the Alaskan Republican Party, has purchased the following domain names: Scarier still is that the domains were purchased on August 24, 2007.

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Tasty Tidbits from the past week…

Sometimes we find juicy news not worthy of a full blog post, yet too darn good to not share with you. These “Tasty Tidbits” are digestible bites of news about new names and the naming industry and what we think of them here at Eat My Words. Bon Appetit! Oracle announced its first hardware product […]

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There's Something Rotten in Zenmark

This is a continuing series of postings that will spotlight other naming firms. We think our clients should have a choice, and clearly Eat My Words is not the only naming firm in business. Next up is the self-proclaimed “Last Word in Naming”, Zenmark. Besides being the last word in naming, they are the first […]

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Can your name pass The SMILE & SCRATCH Test?

The secret to powerful, unforgettable and sticky brand names is simple, “A name should make you smile, instead of scratch your head.” We evaluate every name we create based on this no-brainer philosophy – and now you can too with the new Eat My Words SMILE and SCRATCH TestTM. Run your own product and company […]

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How other naming firms work: the process revealed

In a stunning admission in a recent article, Jim Singer of Namebase (the naming firm behind such gems as Any’tizers™, Tranax, and Softwin razors), revealed the company’s naming process, “We sit around a table and think up good-sounding words, and then we take them apart and try to sell them to the clients afterwards with […]

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