Wet your whistle with Pee Cola

Thankfully Pee Cola from Ghana is actually cola (and cola colored) and not a Mountain Dew knock off. Best served at room temperature. Thirst quenching? No. Hilarious? Yes!

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Ghana: Heaven for Namers

Before I went to Ghana, I had read that I could expect to see the country’s passion for Jesus reflected in the names of their businesses, but I didn’t expect 75% of shop names to have some kind of religious reference. Some of the more unusual names included included Blood of Christ Restaurant, Holy Canteen, […]

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Where's a McDonald's when you need one?

Some of the more interesting food names in Ghana…

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Back from Ghana with a new name: Borley Atiaku

Little did I know when we booked our trip to Ghana and requested to take part in an African naming ceremony ($125 per person), that it would be a serious all-day affair that the entire village showed up for! We were adopted into the Royal Borketey Larweh family of the Ga tribe. My Ga name […]

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The secret to pearly whites

We think Pray would make a great name for a home pregnancy test, but in Ghana, it’s a brand of toothpaste. I picked up a tube and have it at the office if you want to come by and see that it is indeed for real. Ghanaian’s do have incredibly white teeth, but their secret […]

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FrightAll Wacky Package Flashback

This sign in Ghana for frightfully named Frytol cooking oil reminded me of Wacky Packages, the collectable 70s trading cards featuring parodies of consumer products.

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