Name It Now™ with
Alexandra Watkins

In a hurry for a name, burnt out on brainstorming, or want to kick up your creativity and learn some pro tricks? Schedule a one-on-one Name It Now™ session with brand name expert Alexandra Watkins. She literally wrote the book on how to create brand names.

Your Name It Now™ session includes:
• Alexandra’s prep time to study your background materials
• Alexandra’s brainstorming a handful of creative names in advance
• A minimum of 75 minutes of personal screenshare/phone time together
• Notes from your call with all of the names, branding ideas and brainstorming links

The price for a private Name It Now™ session with Alexandra is $2500 although if you have been laid off from your job due to the Coronavirus, she is happy to lower her price. Alexandra only does one session max per day, so if you’d like to work with her, please get on her calendar right away.

Prepare For An Enlightening Experience with the Expert

At least one day before your session, you’ll provide some background information on your brand and naming challenge. This will allow Alexandra to get up to speed and brainstorm a handful of names for you in advance so you can hit the ground running.

During your supercharged session, Alexandra will give you her professional opinion on any names you’ve come up with on your own. (Some names that you think are duds may be diamonds in the rough, which Alexandra may be able to work with.)

Next, Alexandra will reveal a handful of starter names she’s already created for you. She’ll ask for your feedback on these so she has a good feel for what names and words melt your butter.

Then the fun begins . . . Alexandra will pull back the curtain and show you how she works her magic. Based on your unique needs, she will give you a completely customized creative experience. She’ll show you her best brainstorming tools, including secret sources so valuable to her that she didn’t reveal them in her book. And while she’s “namestorming,” you’ll be giving feedback and learning how you can do it on your own. 

By the end of your session, you’ll have fresh name ideas and the knowledge, tools, and confidence to move forward. You’ll also have a document with the names and brainstorming links for your session. Plus, any taglines and branding ideas Alexandra came up with during your call.

Results From Alexandra’s Lightbulb Moments

Some of the winning names that Alexandra has created in these sessions:

Stunt Double (men’s athleisure brand)
Made You Look (eyeglass store) 
Reality Check (background check co.)
Selfie Skin (skincare brand for teens)
Hand Job (nail spa)
Numberyard (accountant)
Compose Yourself (DIY flower arranging) 
Flockstar (clothing brand) 
Leak Frog (gasket company)
Humankind (human-grade pet food)
Home Team (home repair service)
Rank Dynamics (search engine tech co.)
Sweet Dreams (natural sweetener)
Sugar Sherpa (food coach)
Lightbox Libraries (custom stock photos)
Food Addiction Reset (nutrition coach)
Peppermint Pedi (sugar scrub)
Unstuff Yourself (weight loss program)
Call Glenn Again (handyman business)
Good Measure (employee performance)
The Bra Spa (bra fitting)
The Pot Lady (container gardener)
Streaming Style (clothing on demand)

What People Are Saying

“Alexandra was smart, engaging, and fun! She did a ton of preliminary research and naming based on my initial info. She shared all her secret tools and really took the time to understand exactly what I was looking for. It was definitely worth the time and money.”
– Jerett Turner

“It was great working with Alexandra who has an uncanny ability to jump start any product or business naming process. Expect very unique and memorable names.”
– Andrew Sofie

 “If you are a new product manager, director of a business unit or start-up entrepreneur, make the investment to hire Alexandra to help you come up with memorable name ideas. The proprietary process she has created and used productively with many businesses makes miracles happen. It did for my new management training business. As a result of engaging her with her in the creative process, you will experience the joy and the wonder of witnessing a new birth. And your brand will be ready for takeoff.” 
– Roy Young

“What I like about working with Alexandra is that she instantly understood what my business was about, the target demographic, how to appeal to them, the mood the tone She just “GOT IT” it save me so much time and effort and energy. So many people told me not to pay a company to name my business – I wasted at least six months I should’ve gone to her right away.” 
– Paula Bennett

“Alexandra is a genius – she may well be the quickest AND the most creative genius I’ve ever met!”
– David Lortscher

 “Alexandra was most helpful on our call helping us break a deadlock on some name options. She did her homework and in just a short hour came up with some wonderful options. We used the online tools she gave us to further vet out other options on the table. I would highly recommend her to any entrepreneur before they make the mistake of choosing a real bad name.”
– Alex Frost

“Alexandra managed to help me very effectively and very quickly. I needed to have a business name quickly for a business we needed to get up and running. She was genuinely interested in knowing about my business and my clients and what my new business stands for. She was friendly and very easy to work with.”
– Garth Davis

“My session with Alexandra was even better than I expected. After a few minutes of talking, she was able to get a clear sense of what I wanted to accomplish and within moments created a perfect tagline for my business. Her intuitive and strategic style creates magic!”
– Rebecca Farrar

Alexandra was helpful in wrangling the process and the conversation. As the business owner, I knew it would be important to invite colleagues to the naming session who have worked with me for a long time and really know my business. It was a successful session and we appreciated the guidance.”
– Dana Wright

“Alexandra is certainly extremely creative and she brought a lot of energy to the process. In the end, she helped us to come up with a great name.”
– Mark Cramer

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a good fit for Name It Now™?
Small business owners and consultants who want awesome name ideas in a hurry.

Who isn’t a good fit for this service?
Anyone who needs a brand name for a company or product in an extremely challenging trademark area, for instance software or health care. Also, larger companies, who need more extensive name development, trademark work, and attention from Alexandra.

How many people can be on a call?
It’s recommended that no more than 2 people are on the call and that one of them is the “designated driver.” The fewer the number, the more you’ll maximize your time because you won’t spend time discussing the name ideas with each other.

What is the best way for me to prep for my call?
If you haven’t done so already, it’s suggested that you read (or at least skim) the first three breezy chapters of Alexandra’s book, Hello, My Name is Awesome. She recently did a Name It Now call with two clients who had not read her book and she ended up spending a good chunk of their time explaining the pitfalls of a lot of names they came up with on their own. 

How can I maximize my time with Alexandra?
To give Alexandra as much creative leeway as possible, provide all of the background information you’re asked for in advance, including any names you’ve come up with on your own and any words you might want to explore having in your new name. 

How does Alexandra prep for my call?
She will spend a few hours reviewing your background information and coming up with a handful of starter names to run by you.

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