Before & After Names

Product/Company/Service Original Name New & Improved Name
Frozen Yogurt Franchise Zenyo Spoon Me
Friends-of-Friends Dating App Rndvoo Cherry Pick
Full Service Box Storage Co. Box Fetch Boxbee
Hotel Vitale Wedding Brunch Wedding Brunch Bloody Married
Cupcake Shop Lovely Confections Church of Cupcakes
PR Firm Lynette Hoy PR Firetalker PR
Coffee that helps support ex-offendeers Second Change I Have A Bean
Non-Profit Jazz Music Organization Rhythmic Concepts Inc (RCI) Living Jazz
iPod Dock for the Bedroom M202 Moondance
Meal Delivery to Crossfit Gyms Catalyst Meals Power Supply
Business Collaboration Software CaptureToCloud LiveHive
Luxury Goods on Installment Website Peach Direct Venue
Big Data Company uCirrus Argyle Data
Physical Therapy Platform Respondesign Respond Well
Forum for High-Level Women Execs Forum for Entrepreneurs and Executives (FWE&E) Watermark
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