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Gina Sorell

Creative Director
Affectionately referred to as “Hollywood” by the EMW team, superstar namer and copywriter Gina Sorell (who at one time was known simply as “Jinxy”), is an urban hipster who has her finger on the pulse of what’s hot and hip in Los Angeles, Manhattan, Toronto and beyond. A Second City alumna, Gina is fast on her feet, and swears that improvising and inventing new names is really the same thing (although the latter can be done without the presence of drunken crowds and the smell of chicken wings).
Since joining Eat My Words eight years ago, Gina, who is both our Creative Director and new biz whiz, has contributed her creativity to countless projects, naming everything from toys to technology, which is rather appropriate considering that “simultaneously drinking, eating and writing on my laptop,” are listed under the “Special Skills” section of her resume. Gina’s cheeky name for an acne medication, “Later, Crater,” led to our first annual April Fools Day presentation, resulting in a big laugh from longtime client, Guthy-Renker.
As a writer of novels and screenplays, Gina knows that there is nothing more challenging and satisfying than capturing an entire story into one perfect name or tagline. As an actor, her work has taken her all over the world and given her a broad perspective and knowledge of people, places and things, that many other namers can only dream about. Being on the other side of the camera as the face and voice of over 35 national commercials, has given Gina a unique insight into pitching and naming. Her most recent and insightful role to date however, is that of  mom to sweet-cheeked Grady; a kid so delightful and winning, that he happily goes by the moniker “Jackpot.” More about Gina on her copywriting website, GinaColada.
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