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Gina Sorell

Second Banana
Since joining Eat My Words in 2006, Gina “Jinxy” Sorell has evolved under the mentorship of Alexandra, from creative namer to Creative Director, making herself indispensable, and earning the coveted role of Second Banana. Over the years she has had the opportunity to work on hundreds of projects, naming everything from vodka to video games. With a particular soft spot for start-ups, and entrepreneurs, Gina is well versed in the high stakes world of technology and innovation, and still marvels that she gets to be a part of that defining moment when an idea becomes a reality and is launched into the world.
Gina has worked alongside visionaries to create names for industry disruptors, such as community garden crowd-funding platform SEED MONEY (founded by the former advisor to the White House Garden), new “fast fresh” restaurant concept, HONOR SOCIETY, and indoor vertical gardening startup, PLENTY, a company that is remaking the global food system. These are names that not only make Gina smile, (and a little hungry) but also proud to be a part of working to make a positive change.
Change is something that Gina knows all about, and although her career may have changed, her creativity has remained. As a former working actress, Gina enjoyed a career as a voice over artist, and her dulcet tones can be heard narrating the audio version of Alexandra’s popular book, Hello My Name is Awesome. As a Second City Alumnae Gina is fast on her feet, and knows that improvising and inventing new names is really the same thing (although the latter can be done without the presence of drunken crowds and the smell of chicken wings). And as a bestselling author of the highly praised and critically acclaimed debut novel Mothers and Other Strangers, Gina Sorell is no stranger to the power of words, and gave her own novel that irresistible title, then paired it with an arresting graphic and a killer opening line: “My father proposed to my mother at gunpoint when she was nineteen, and knowing that she was already pregnant with a dead man’s child, she accepted.”
Having lived in NYC, Los Angeles and Toronto, Gina is currently back in the land of the Maple Leaf, racking up airline points while honoring requests on both sides of the border for duty free booze and ketchup flavored chips. More about Gina can be found on her personal website

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