Easily learn to create
winning brand names that
get noticed and get sales!

The naming process doesn’t have to be frustrating and fruitless.
It can actually be fast and fun.

Here’s the thing. A good name can be life or death in the marketplace today.

It has to be sticky and connect with customers with just a word or two.

Get it right, and your name will be a powerful magnet that gets you noticed and gets sales.

Get it wrong, and you’ll turn off potential customers and lose business to your competitors.

But coming up with a captivating name for your brand is challenging.

You spend countless hours in search of that unique name, you finally get all of the decision makers to agree… only to find that the domain name is not available, or that there are trademark issues.

Or, you choose a name that’s spelling-challenged or has a difficult domain name. Why? Because you can’t come up with anything better. (Sound familiar?)

That’s why so many people throw in the towel settle on a name that’s “just okay” but no one really loves.

Don’t give up and forever regret and apologize for a mediocre name!

You can quickly learn how to create winning names that you’re proud of when you enroll in this exciting new course.

Practical lessons will give you the knowledge, tools and confidence to develop original name ideas and avoid costly mistakes.

Every lesson in the course is practical – there is nothing theoretical, so you won’t be wasting any time.

The course is designed so you can hit the ground running and come up with lots and lots of fresh name ideas.

And you don’t need to have a creative bone in your body. Alexandra has taught thousands of people how to create compelling brand names with confidence using her proven techniques and tricks.

And now it’s YOUR turn!

Meet your brand name coach.

I’m Alexandra Watkins, founder of Eat My Words and your brand name coach.

I know a thing or ten about naming brands. For more than 15 years, I’ve led naming projects for hundreds of clients including Amazon, Coca-Cola, Disney, Google, and Twitter.

And I’ve created countless love-at-first sight brand names — like a GPS for dogs named Retriever, The Church of Cupcakes, and the robotic vacuum Neato. I’m also the author of the brand name bible, Hello, My Name Is Awesome.

How does all this help YOU?

I’m now making all of my expertise available to you for a fraction of what big brands pay.

I have put together the ultimate, no brainer naming course so you can succeed at creating memorable and unique names for your company or product.

And don’t worry – anyone can do this – you do not need to be creative at all! So stop wasting your precious time brainstorming and deliberating, all to hit a dead-end.

Sign up for my highly interactive course below and you’ll get all the tools you need so that you can come up with a brand name that will really stick, not stink.

Don’t waste another day struggling with your brand name!

You’ll follow a step-by-step proven process to create and evaluate names like a pro.

This highly interactive course kicks off by detailing 5 qualities you absolutely want in your name and 7 hidden hazards that will hurt your brand. Next you’ll learn how to avoid domain name pain. Then you’ll complete your brand name roadmap and engage in professional brainstorming techniques that will result in a wealth of creative name ideas. Finally, you’ll see before and after makeovers and learn how to execute a name change.

Get interactive content, actionable exercises and valuable downloads.

Unlike Alexandra’s book, Hello, My Name Is Awesome, this online course is totally interactive. The content is presented in a completely different way designed for visual learning. And the course goes way beyond the book… Here’s why her course has been called, “Her book on steroids in Technicolor”

  • 30+ creative and thought-provoking exercises relevant to your specific challenges
  • Engaging videos full of colorful eye candy
  • Interactive and fun learning experiences help the material sink in
  • Fillable Creative Brief with a full lesson on how to complete yours
  • Valuable downloads like a comprehensive Name Change Checklist
  • Demonstrations of how to best mine the online goldmine
  • Countless examples and lots of nifty tips and tricks
  • 3 different lessons on how to invent names like a pro
  • A full brainstorming lesson on how to create phrases and puns
  • More money-saving domain name tips
  • Knowledge checks to make sure you’re grasping the concepts

Here’s what people who have taken the course are saying:

“The course goes way beyond Alexandra’s book because it’s totally interactive and you complete exercises with each lesson – even though her book helped me come up with a lot of names, the course is like her book on steroids in Technicolor. I came up with so many more names than I ever expected, and I felt like she was beside me the entire time, cheering me on!

Kari G.
Serial Entrepreneur

“I thought being good at coming up with names was something you needed to be born with, like perfect pitch. But this course made it so easy and helped me focus on what actually matters in a name, which is way more than I ever thought about! It transformed the process of naming from something I dread into something I enjoy and am far more effective at.”

Shannon V.
Marketing Strategist

“After struggling for months to come up with a name that would differentiate my business, I was flat out of ideas and inspiration. I was about to “settle” for a less than name (and buy the domain name for $5000), when a friend recommended this course. Not only did Alexandra’s step-by-step-framework and powerful brainstorming methods help me have a creative breakthrough and come up with a fantastic name, I got a great domain name for 99 cents!”

Chris P.

“The most valuable part is the step-by-step framework for how to come up with your own names. She walks you through her entire process from what to include in the initial creative brief, to unexpected sources for name ideas, to how to choose the right name. (You will have so many names you like, you’ll need to know how to narrow them all down.)”

Shawn T.
Small Business Owner

“Who knew a course about naming could be FUN? Well, it was, and it inspired me to FINALLY come up with a name for a new business that I LOVE.”

Sofia L.
Executive Coach

Are you ready to ace the name game?

  • Anyone thinking about rebranding
  • Awesome” readers who want more
  • Branding professionals
  • Business owners
  • Copywriters
  • Creative services firms
  • Designers
  • Engineers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Innovation departments
  • Inventors
  • Marketing professionals
  • Product designers
  • Product marketers
  • Trademark attorneys
  • The knowledge to avoid unforeseen perils and pitfalls
  • Help to see what you’re doing wrong
  • Magnetic names that attract and engage customers
  • Increased confidence
  • Immediate implementation techniques
  • Supercharged creativity
  • Secrets of the online goldmine
  • The ability to generate tons of name ideas that go beyond the obvious
  • The ability to create names that will scale as your company grows
  • Reassurance you won’t end up with a ridiculous-sounding name
  • Happy, loyal and long-term customers in the years to come

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Learn the 5 qualities you absolutely want in your name
  • Know how to avoid 7 hidden hazards that will hurt your brand
  • Build a complete brand name roadmap
  • Be able to engage in brainstorming techniques like a pro
  • Supercharge your creativity and come up with bullet-proof brand names
  • Learn how to execute a name change/makeover properly

Sign up now and get a Private Name Review Session with Alexandra ($1000 value) and tons of other limited-time bonuses!

  • Private Name Review Session with Alexandra ($1000 value)
  • Unlimited access to Alexandra’s monthly “Ask Me Anything” group calls
  • 60 days of free trademark screening ($1000+ value)
  • Up to $5000 in savings on Eat My Words services
  • Lifetime updates on new course materials
  • A referral rewards program that pays you 20% every time someone you refer enrolls in the course – for life!

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Answers to your burning questions.

I’ve already bought Alexandra’s book, Hello My Name is Awesome. Why should I enroll in her course as well?

Think of it as going on a trip. In the book, Hello, My Name is Awesome, you’ll find the map that gets you where you need to go (aka to the Land of Awesome Brand Names) as well as all the important signposts and information about what you’ll find along your journey. But you’ll have to make your own way there.

In the “How to Create Super Sticky Brand Names” online course though, Alexandra will be guiding you every step of the way, offering invaluable details of how her process works and making sure you don’t take any wrong turns. If in the book, for example, she lists online sources for ideas, but in the online course she actually shows them to you and teaches you how to maximize your results so you come up with a lot more ideas. And along the way, she will reveal a ton of neat little tricks that she left out of the book.

To get back to the trip analogy: if the book is a great, accurate map, the “How to Create Super Sticky Brand Names” course is your personal GPS. It’s visual, it’s dynamic, it’s actionable — and it’s loads of fun. 

If I enroll in the course, do you recommend I buy the book?

Some people may not need to — while for others it will be an immense asset. It all boils down to how your brain works; how you retain information. Alexandra’s course is chock full of fun videos and downloadable PDFs, which are super easy to get back to whenever you need a refresher. But sometimes, you need to have the basics on easy access as well. Buying the book after enrolling on (or even finishing) the course, will help your brain solidify this new information, as it will now have it both verbally and in writing. 

How many hours will it take me to take the course?

About six hours — if you do it from start to finish. But you don’t have to! The lessons are bite-sized (videos range from 5-8 minutes) for a reason: so that you can complete them in your own time and even listen to them when you’re on the go. There are also several downloadable PDF that sum up your learnings and offer extra tips and resources. Those you can skim as needed and have them as a reference when you’re knee-deep into the naming process.

What types of results should I expect after finishing the course?

World domination! We’re only half-kidding. The power to come up with brand names that stick, is a game changer — and that’s what you’re getting after finishing the course. You’ll have all the tools to generate tons of name ideas that go beyond the obvious and avoid unforeseen perils and pitfalls. You’ll have professional naming techniques you can pull out of your arsenal and implement right away. More importantly, you’ll be able to tap into your creativity (even if you think you have none) and boost your confidence. Oh, and then there’s also that little thing about getting happy, loyal and long-term customers in the years to come thanks to the name you chose… Doesn’t it feel like conquering the world now?

Don’t miss out on these valuable bonuses including unlimited trademark screens for 60 days.

  • Private Name Review Session with Alexandra ($1000 value)
  • Unlimited access to Alexandra’s monthly “Ask Me Anything” group calls
  • 60 days of free trademark screening ($1000+ value)
  • Up to $5000 in savings on Eat My Words services
  • Lifetime updates on new course materials
  • A referral rewards program that pays you 20% every time someone you refer enrolls in the course – for life!

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How to Create Super Sticky Brand Names

“It’s better than her book on steroids in technicolor.”
– Beta Tester