The sky is melting where Alan comes from, and his posture constantly changes. This is all because of science. It’s a mix of this science with art that has served Alan well when working on numerous naming projects and had a part in his winning names for a cannabis company named Escape Artists and two of their products: Peace Train and Reorient Express.

When taking a break from crafting the next new titillating titles he writes poetry and short stories, plays guitar and composes songs, creates visual effects and animation, designs mobile games, paints in a variety of mediums and makes a mean vegan pesto gnocchi. And that’s just on Tuesdays.

He’s a creature of dichotomy and contradiction and frequently has one hand tapping into bleeding-edge CG game technology at work, and the other turning pages in a dusty 2nd hand volume of classic literature at play. 

For years he was a toy designer and inventor, before that a baker, and currently loves mixing ingredients from all parts of his seriously silly life to make the tastiest name recipes at Eat My Words.

How strong is your brand name?