Carli first wanted to work for Eat My Words as a fifth grader. Really. Her mother, Monica, was one of our first Sous Chefs, and young Carlina was fascinated by her mom’s “cool new job.” After studying English and Journalism at Ball State, she got in touch and impressed us with her creative names from the get-go. The namer doesn’t fall far from the tree. 

As a twenty-something from Ohio, Carlina brings a young millennial perspective as well as a Midwestern perspective to her naming projects. While she enjoys the creativity of naming, she is most fascinated by the research that goes into name generation. When she’s working on a project, you can catch her buried in online articles and books, scanning them for the perfect phrase or word to spark inspiration. 

Carlina’s professional writing experience is versatile and expansive. She has penned magazine articles, advertising copy, social media posts, and more. Her personal writing is focused on female-driven pop culture and female bravery and authenticity. 

She lives in a historic house in downtown Cincinnati where she, in her own words, is “emerging into adulthood.” She can often be found sitting at her neighborhood cafe, reading books and drinking Earl Grey tea.

How strong is your brand name?