Darth Namer

As a superhero aficionado, Darth always wanted a secret identity. So when he got the chance to lead a double life, coding by day and naming by night, ‘Darth Namer’ was born. A techie at heart, Darth holds a Computer Science degree from Stanford University and writes software for a top consumer technology firm. He’s also a published cartoonist and a card-carrying member of the Screen Actors Guild.

In his Silicon Valley lair, you’ll find him naming everything from start-ups and sports drinks to the latest gotta-have-it gadgets. And since every superhero needs a signature weapon, Darth is never without his Pun Gun, capable of triggering an involuntary groan with a single shot. Some of his recent naming feats include Suddenly Social (tools for game developers), Sidecar (immersive video calling), Ping Pong (real-time office chat), and Core Power (a tasty new protein drink).

Alexandra often jokes that Darth is her creative clone, but with so many uncanny similarities between their styles, we’re not ruling out some kind of “Luke, I am your father” situation. As a member of the coveted 18 to 34-year old demographic and an unapologetic punster, the Farce is very strong with this one.

How strong is your brand name?