Our dynamic Executive Chef, Jaime “not Jamie” Adams, is likely the first person you’ll speak with when you enter the magical world of Eat My Words. Lucky you.

Whether she’s helping you choose the name and tagline package that’s best suited for your business, explaining trademarking in a way that won’t make your head spin, or streamlining our operations, Jaime is our resident expert.

With a Master of Business Administration and an exceptional aptitude for competitive strategy, Jaime, a former college basketball player and team captain, brings the same spirit, enthusiasm, and leadership to our team. 

Jaime cultivated a deep love for community and collaboration when she worked for 15 years in Parks & Recreation. (She says the TV show is pretty spot on.) Now, as a valued team member who we share with our trademarking partner, Indie Law, Jaime seamlessly integrates her creative and diverse background into our colorful culture.

Outside of the office, you’ll find Jaime embracing the wilderness and gathering sparks of inspiration for her upcoming creative exploits.

How strong is your brand name?