Janice hit the Eat My Words family like a firecracker, quickly earning the title of Second Banana. Among her many superstar qualities, she wears the crown for best “Ultimate Name Challenge” names submission to have ever been received by Eat My Words. (This is no small feat. We’ve received 42,573 name submissions in the last 19 years). As a former college entrance exam tutor with 99th percentile scores on the SAT and GRE, Janice never met a test she couldn’t crack. She aced The Challenge by following the framework in Hello, My Name is Awesome. And now she’s featured in the second edition, which she helped edit and enhanced with her dynamite sense of humor. (Our favorite addition of hers cited how names such as Xoyondo, Quinyx, and Vonigi are easily forgettable. She added, “How can we remember any of these? Most of us have the attention span of a squirrel monkey.*” The hilarious footnote read, “According to a study published in the journal Behavioural Processes, squirrel monkeys forget an event less than 20 seconds after it occurs. Of the 25 species that were studied, the squirrel monkey’s abysmal performance barely exceeded that of a bee.”

Janice graduated Cum Laude from Georgetown University with a dual major degree in Marketing and Finance. Having worked several years in Private Banking for J.P.Morgan, Janice honed her skills with clients by helping them find the right services and products for their individual needs. She is now pumped to work with Eat My Words clients by walking them through the entire naming process from generating names to checking trademarks and eventually selecting that perfect match.

In true Eat My Words fashion, Janice has a host of eclectic passions and hobbies. She is a certified Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and Level 2 Reiki Energy healer. When she’s not polishing off acai bowls in San Diego, she enjoys traveling the globe and visiting new places (yup, she’s even made her way to the dusty corners of Cameroon). And as a native Greek speaker she’s toured many of the Greek islands and villages where her family is from. Janice had no idea the Greek language would become so valuable for her future role at a naming firm. Sincere thank you to her grandmother Athanasia and parents for strongly encouraging (forcing) her to speak Greek as a young child. (Fun note: in Hello, My Name is Awesome, where it speaks to how people often butcher the pronunciation of Greek yogurt, FAGE, explained on the back of the package as “fa-yeh,” Janice added, “Tip: Americans don’t want to learn Greek from the back of a yogurt container.”

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