Jenn Pasios

Originally hailing from a farm town in Central Massachusetts, Jen discovered the immense power of words as an infant when her first utterance, a serendipitously timed “dada” convinced her father to buy a swimming pool.  Although she doesn’t remember the incident, she credits it as her catapult into word-nerdom. Her insatiable connection to language prompted her to memorize the entirety of “A Visit From Saint Nicholas” (more commonly known as “Twas the Night Before Christmas”) before the age of three and, as a preteen.  inspired her to dedicate four years to the creation of a log chronicling over 300 curious and unfamiliar words rather than keeping a typical diary

Jen couldn’t believe her luck when, during a spur of the moment road trip to South Carolina, she stumbled upon a podcast interview with Alexandra. She was instantly smitten and spent the last four hours of her drive entranced by the names of everything she passed. By the time she hit the pillow that night, she had submitted her namer test. The rest is history.

Since joining Eat My Words, Jen has used her flare as a millennial with dual degrees in dance and biology to pioneer stellar names for projects in the fields of health & fitness, education, and the outdoors including the first FDA approved over the counter birth control pill, a fresh cold brew/ juice hybrid, and a self-directed online learning platform.

When she isn’t name storming Jen works as a professional dancer, movement educator, and content creator for individual artists and performing companies. She has a fierce case of wanderlust and can often be found crisscrossing the United States in her trusty Subaru, drinking copious amounts of espresso, crafting crowd sourced poetry using story prompts on social media, and debating current topics in bioethics on her trusty flip phone which she has proudly dubbed “The Dinosaur”

How strong is your brand name?