Growing up on farmland in rural Idaho (and with not much else to do), Kaitlin spent much of her childhood devouring books and falling in love with words. Not just real words, but the gloriumptious made-up words of authors like Roald Dahl and Dr. Seuss. As an adult and professional namer, anything involving coined names and made-up words are still her favorite naming projects.

She’s come a long way from the potato fields, having lived coast to coast, from San Francisco (where she met Alexandra) to Virginia, most recently Okinawa, Japan. She’s an aspiring renaissance woman, eager to try anything and everything, which thus far has included lifeguarding, playing three musical instruments, humanitarian work, sketch comedy, mountain sports, and even a brief foray into the pageant world. She plans to pursue dragon boat racing and aggressively awesome sushi-rolling while in Japan.

While studying communications and business at a university nestled in the mountains of Utah, Kaitlin met her husband, a curly-haired musician-turned-dentist-turned Navy lieutenant, with whom she has a fiercely adorable one-year-old and hilariously clever four-year-old. Spending time with them is far and away her favorite thing to do, as they reignite the curiosity and excitement of childhood, which helps her to dream up the perfect names for products, companies, and organizations.

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