Sherry was Alexandra’s original sous chef at Eat My Words, which means they first started cooking up names together nearly fifteen years ago (how is that possible when they’re both just 29?). After graduating with a BFA in Advertising Design, Sherry worked as a copywriter at a New York City ad agency, penning everything from print ads for the Got Milk campaign and GMC to commercial scripts for baby shampoo and high-end liquor. A few years later, Sherry went out on her own as a freelancer and added product naming to her roster in a totally normal way that you hear all the time. By seeing Alexandra on an HGTV show and reaching out to her by email (really!). And thus, the dream team was born.

Together they’ve named everything from a very famous bacon cheeseburger to cell phones, floor cleaning robots, fro-yo chains, tech companies, and snack packs. (And Sherry wants to name your baby. Really, she does. Just say the word.)

Sherry also has a love of home renovation and is currently fixing up her seventh house with her husband John. They’ve chronicled all of their DIY adventures (and misadventures) on a home blog they started called for over a decade, which spawned two New York Times best-selling books, as well as product lines sold by Target and Home Depot. They recently downsized to a small beach bungalow just a few blocks from the Gulf Of Mexico, where they live with their two children, a feisty chihuahua named Burger, and way too many house plants.

How strong is your brand name?