Our resident expert on all things Generation Z (named after Zack, of course)

Zack first reached out to Alexandra after reading Hello, My Name is Awesome. He needed a new name for his startup, a business that demystifies cryptocurrency and blockchain. There had to be something better than BitBuddy! Alexandra was happy to help, renaming the company Goodbit.

Impressed with Zack’s business acumen and enthusiasm, Alexandra tapped him to be her university speaking tour advisor, where he further won her over with his insight and creativity. He later jumped at the chance to come on board at Eat My Words as a summer intern, which he quickly parlayed into a year-round role as Second Banana. Zack has fueled new initiatives, created a targeted book marketing campaign, and led the charge to modernize, streamline, and redesign our website and business practice. He dabbles in naming for blockchain and cryptocurrency projects.

As our resident expert on all things Generation Z (named after Zack, of course), he provides first-hand knowledge about the ever-changing social media landscape of the college student, making him invaluable to clients who need names that appeal to that coveted demographic.

Zack is a master juggler: he works for Eat My Words and runs Goodbit while enrolled as a student at Brown University, where he’s double majoring in biology and business. In his sparse spare time he’s a varsity sailor for the Brown University Sailing Team (BUST), which makes finding salt in his ears and eyebrows an everyday odyssey during the on-season.

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