SMILE & SCRATCH Test Results for

SMILE: The 5 Qualities of a Super-Sticky Name

  • Suggestive—hints at what your brand is
  • Memorable—associated with the familiar
  • Imagery—aids memory through visuals
  • Legs—lends itself to a theme
  • Emotional—moves people

SCRATCH: The 7 Deal Breakers

  • Spelling-challenged—looks like a typo
  • Copycat—resembles competitors’ names
  • Restrictive—limits future growth
  • Annoying—seems forced, frustrates customers
  • Tame—feels flat, descriptive, uninspired
  • Curse of Knowledge—speaks only to insiders
  • Hard-to-pronounce—confuses and frustrates

Danger ahead! Think about your audience and consider a new name.

Thanks again for giving the test a whirl. No matter what your results are, you’re now armed with the knowledge to move forward or go back to the drawing board.

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