When you’re starting out with a blank slate, don’t curse your name with any disadvantages. Any time you have to help someone spell, pronounce or understand your name, you are essentially apologizing for it. That devalues your brand. Unique spellings, nonsensical words, and unfamiliar expressions may differentiate you, but just because your name is different, doesn’t mean it’s good. Most business names and company names fail on so many levels, which may not be apparent to you until after you launch your brand. That’s a pretty spendy mistake to fix.
Your well-meaning friends and brown-nosing employees won’t tell you if your name sucks. But we will. We’re all about judgments here at Eat My Words. Seriously. Run your name through our free SMILE & SCRATCH evaluation test to see how strong it is. And if you’re considering getting professional help, read our tips on choosing a naming firm or branding agency. Trust us. If you want a brand name that your customers would be proud to wear on a t-shirt, tattoo on their body, and possibly even name their child after, you need to pound this advice into your head.

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