Choosing a Naming Firm

Watch a hysterical little video about how startup Vooza got their terrible name because they didn’t follow our advice for choosing a naming firm.

We hear it all the time, “I’ve tried naming my business on my own and I’m out of ideas. I need professional help!” But finding a naming firm can be a total time suck and swirling vortex of linguistic mumbo jumbo, especially if you don’t know where to look or how to see through the smoke and mirrors.  As you poke around their websites, including ours of course, ask yourself these 5 questions, which are completely impervious to any marketing BS they may spout:


  1. Does the company have a creative name that sets them apart in a sea of sameness?  (If this the best they could do for their most important naming client, themselves, how creative will they be for you?)
  2. Are the brand names in their portfolio memorable? (See how many you remember 48 hours from now.)
  3. How many of their names can you pronounce, spell, and imagine yourself getting as a tattoo?
  4. What do their clients say about them? (Here’s what ours say about us.)
  5. Do the people who will name my business look like friends  I would want to grab a beer (or donut) with?


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