Gomentum Station

Gomentum Station Logo

We named this driverless car trial & test site Gomentum Station. Read more about Gomentum Station and it’s population of BMW and Audi driverless cars in the SF Business Times & Time Magazine!

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Ready Reset Go

Ready Reset Go Logo

We named this firm Ready Reset Go Career Coaching, a perfect name representing what these career coaches help their clients to achieve!

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Grail Magazine

Grail Magazine Logo

We gave this magazine a luxurious name fit for it’s curated directory of luxury businesses.  

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Seed Money

Seed Money Logo

A crowdfunding platform for community garden projects.

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Honor Society

Honor Society Handcrafted Eatery Logo

Honor Society is now open in Denver for clean eaters who want to honor themselves with the good, clean food they deserve. They’ve run with their awesome name, selling t-shirts commanding, “Honor Thy Belly”, a hiring portal titled “Work with Honor”, and a domain name,

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Welltower Logo

Previously named Healthcare REIT, Welltower now has a name worthy of its prestige and representative of it’s wealth of knowledge and experience in health care infrastructure investments.

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Fog Theory

Naming firm Eat My Words worked with Voicebox Creative to come up with this name that was inspired by the Pacific Ocean’s foggy marine layer that creates an ideal environment for growing Pinot Noir. ​

We worked with Voicebox Creative to come up with this name that was inspired by the Pacific Ocean’s foggy marine layer that creates an ideal environment for growing Pinot Noir. ​

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Rank Dynamics

Rank Dynamics named by Eat My Words

Previously named Surf Canyon, this contextual search technology company more efficiently ranks relevant results and makes your search dynamic.

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Where to Bump Into Us This Summer: Upcoming Summer Conferences

Join Eat My Words at City Innovate Summit. The definitive conference on Smart City 2.0. June 17-18 in San Francisco. Register now!

2015 City Innovation Summit: Changing the World One City at a Time Innovation is happening right under our feet! The definitive conference on Smart City 2.0, June 17/18 here in San Francisco. We name enough smart technologies and appliances we thought we’d attend this city innovation summit for some inspiration and education! This conference brings together […]

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An Inc. Magazine Top 10 Marketing Book

Inc. Magazine Top 10 Marketing Books of 2014, Hello My Name is Awesome by Alexandra Watkins a book about creating brand names

Alexandra’s recent bestseller, “Hello, My Name is Awesome… How to Create Brand Names That Stick” has been named an Inc. Magazine Top 10 Marketing Book of 2014!  To keep up with this awesome book’s other recent awards and nominations, be sure to follow us on Twitter @eatmywords!  

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Silver Award at the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Book Awards

Hello my name is awesome silver award at the iBPA Benjamin Franklin Book Awards in Business and Career

We are proud to announce that Alexandra Watkins’ book, “Hello, My Name is Awesome… How to Create Brand Names That Stick” was awarded a Silver Award at the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Book Awards!  It was an honor to be nominated for such a prestigious award and to be among such superb finalists in the Business & Career category! […]

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Short vs. Long Brand Names

33 Voices Interview with Alexandra Watkins Audio FIle

Naming your product or business, is it better to have a short or long name? 33 Voices interviews naming expert Alexandra Watkins who gives the rules to live by. You can listen to her answer regarding Short vs. Long Brand names HERE along with more insights from from this interview with 33 Voices. 10 Insights to Create […]

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The Secret To Kickass Brand Names


Creating awesome brand names is not a science. Yet naming firms spout ridiculous jargon about “verbal identity engineering,“ “rigorous methodologies,” “computational linguistics,” and “scientific scrutiny applied to the unstructured and undisciplined process of brand name creation.” Others try to invent names using math. They take a completely fine word, crunch it with another word, and get a name […]

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Archer Hotel

Archer Hotel Logo

Archer is a luxurious boutique hotel in Midtown Manhattan with a dashing name to match its mysterious, charismatic host. Upcoming locations include Napa and Austin.

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Brand Naming Tips on School for Startups Radio

Radio Show

How to name your startup: Brand naming expert Alexandra Watkins gives away her best kept naming tips as a guest on School for Startups Radio.

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7 Strategies & Secrets for Killer Product Names


The most powerful brand names connect with people and move them to buy because they are based on familiar concepts that they understand and appreciate.

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How to Suggest Your Brand is Trustworthy or Credible


Actions speak louder than a used car salesman’s suit. While your business should certainly be trustworthy and credible, trying to cram any form of those words into your brand name can sound disingenuous. Luckily, there are many other ways you can convey that you have a quality company or product. Adding a strong secondary word […]

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Coined Names – Pretty & Pretty Bad


I have great respect anyone who can invent a pretty name that sounds a like real word and suggests something about the brand. Some of my favorite coined names are Recology, Silk, Dreamery, Groupon, Scanadu, Pictionary, Cinnabon, Chillow, Pinterest and San Franpsycho. These names, also known as “portmanteaus, work well because they cleverly marry two […]

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Upcoming Book: “Hello, My Name Is Awesome”

“Hello, My Name is Awesome, How to Create Brand Names That Stick,” (Fall 2014, Berrett-Koehler Publishers) is a fast-paced, fun, fluff-free guide that  teaches business people how to create memorable brand names for products and companies. No degree in Latin or linguistics required. Written by Eat My Words founder, Alexandra Watkins, (me!),  book is jam-packed with […]

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This full service storage company takes the sting out of doing it yourself. 

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Why and How to Register Your Business Name as a Trademark


Thanks to guest blogger, Belinda J. Darling, for contributing this informative post… The importance of registering your business name as trademark cannot be overstated. Simply securing a domain name unfortunately offers little in the way of legal protection. If you value your business name and logo as integral marketing tools, registering your business as trademark is the […]

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See what it’s like to work with the most creative and fun naming firm on the planet >>>

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Announcing the most frightful brand name of 2011… the Head Scratcher of the Year goes to…


There have been some awful names in the past year. Find out which one was the worst.

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You should get yourself to Rehab

Picture 1

A few months ago we got a call from entrepreneur Veeno Suchdeve of West Babylon, New York. He was opening a self-serve frozen yogurt store at the mall and wanted a more provocative name than Spoon Me, which is quite possibly the best name ever created by Eat My Words. Veeno asked us to create […]

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Crib Notes

We have been busy cooking up names for everything from caveman food to church software to consumer electronics. Our clients are choosing some fantastic names and having tremendous success in trademarking. We’ll let you know as soon as we can take them out of the Easy Bake Oven. Our superstar namer Gina (not to be […]

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