Dollars to Donuts Value Menu


Work directly with Alexandra‘s talented Second Banana.

One-single payment.

  • Professional name development and your own private name chef, Janice.
  • 50+ creative name choices for your new brand, inspired by your Creative Brief.
  • 90-minute Interactive Live Call and Name Review Session with your private name chef, where you’ll discuss your names, Taglines, Domain Names, and more.
  • Meeting Notes & Zoom recording, plus all of your names, taglines, custom brainstorming links, and more.


Work with Alexandra
“Baconator” Watkins.

2-month payment plan offered

  • Everything from Small Fry except your name chef is the Big Cheese herself, our prolific founder Alexandra Watkins.
  • Kickoff Call with Alexandra to review your Creative Brief.
  • Follow-up Call with Alexandra to help brainstorm ways for you to extend your new name with Taglines, Domain Names, Social Media Handles and more. (45 minutes)
  • 3 months of email support


More creative time, more choices, and a signed book. 

2-month payment plan offered

  • Everything from Fun Size
  • Additional names created by a second Eat My Words’ Name Chef
  • Your choice of professionally created: Taglines; Blog Names; OR Newsletter Names
  • 30 additional minutes of Creative Time with Alexandra where she can brainstorm ways for you to extend and support your new name with Job Titles, Marketing Ideas, Promotions, Theme Songs, and Slogans to monetize your name with merchandise.
  • Professional trademark knockout screens on your top 5 name choices.
  • Free Brand Protection Call with Indie Law
  • 25% off all future services

How strong is your brand name?