In addition to consulting and brainstorming with our founder Alexandra Watkins ($1500 flat fee), we offer 4 complete naming packages. Our process essentially boils down to this: You complete our Naming Brief, we meet to discuss it, you go back to doing what you’re good at, we’ll get to work doing what we’re good at. A few weeks later we give you dozens of delicious names. For more information please book a meeting

SNACK – $7K  (3 weeks) For the struggling entrepreneur starting from scratch with a truly small business. (Ideal for consultants, retail shops, and local businesses.) Not valid for tech companies, apps, social media/design firms, healthcare, financial service institutions, or any business with more than 2 decision makers.  

  • One round of 50 creative names that people can spell, pronounce and remember
  • Professional trademark screen checks for up to 5 names of your choice
  • Kickoff call and 1 follow-up call
  • Credit cards & PayPal accepted

APPETIZER – $15K (3 weeks) When you’re bigger than a small fish and just need one killer round of names.

  • 1 round of 100+ names that people can spell, pronounce and remember
  • 1 refinement round of up to 50 names
  • Professional trademark  screen checks for up to 10 names of your choice
  • Kickoff meeting and up to 2 follow up calls

JUST THE MEAT – $20K (3-4 weeks) For companies and serious entrepreneurs who want kickass names but don’t need corporate formalities and fanciness. 

  • Our most popular process
  • Up to 2 full rounds of 150+ names that people can spell, pronounce and remember
  • Tagline development (up to 2 rounds)
  • Professional trademark  screen reports for up to 20 names of your choice
  • Kickoff meeting and up to 3 follow up calls

THE WHOLE ENCHILADA – $45K+  (6-8 weeks) The #1 choice for process-oriented companies who have multiple decision makers and want to work directly with our founder. 

  • Our most thorough and “corporate” process
  • Facilitated for Disney, Fujitsu, eHarmony, Adobe, Medic Alert, Guthy Renker, Orrick, Watermark, LPL Financial, and others
  • Priority attention from our founder, Alexandra Watkins
  • 2-hour kickoff meeting
  • 75+ names (culled from a few hundred) with detailed rationale
  • Individual name review exercises
  • Facilitation of consensus building meeting 
  • Additional name generation
  • Professional trademark screen reports for up to 100 names of your choice
  • Formal recommendations presentation of name candidates
  • Tagline development (up to 2 rounds)
  • 10 signed copies of Alexandra’s best-selling book
  • Follow-up consulting 




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