ASAP Consult & Name Review​

Your brand name will last a lifetime and get used more than any other investment you make in your business. Don’t make a costly mistake. Before you pull the trigger, get a truly objective and professional opinion from the woman who literally wrote the book on brand names.

In a highly productive and enlightening consulting call, our founder, Alexandra Watkins, will review up to 20 of your names with you and your team. She will thoughtfully explain the strengths and weakness of each one, giving you the confidence to move forward or or not.

Alexandra’s expert feedback is far more valuable than asking everyone you know to weigh in. While others are free to judge, they don’t have the deep knowledge or experience of working on hundreds of naming projects to artfully articulate what’s right and wrong about a brand name. And let’s be honest, friends and colleagues aren’t always honest. They often just tell us what they think we want to hear. Alexandra won’t pretend to like a name if it’s not right for your brand. She’ll tell you the truth but won’t make it sting.

The fee for a professional name review consult with Alexandra is $1000, which is far less than you would spend to un-do the damage of choosing the wrong name and having rebrand. It pays to get it right the first time.

How to Schedule Your Name Review
1. Book a time on Alexandra’s calendar
2. Submit your names (see details in confirmation)
3. Pay the $1000 fee (details in confirmation)

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"Alexandra was very helpful on our consulting call helping us break a deadlock on some name options. I would highly recommend her to any entrepreneur before they make the mistake of choosing a real bad name."

-Alex Frost

"Thank you, Alexandra! Our phone call gave me the confidence to keep the names I had been working on. You are an amazing resource and incredible communicator. Rest assured I’ll be talking you up whenever the opportunity presents itself. You’re the best!”

-Elizabeth Klein

"Was it worthwhile to consult with Alexandra? You betcha! Not only was the consultation fun, her ideas helped me see beyond the ordinary into new possibilities.”

-Ann Yakimovicz​

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