First things first: if your business name needs a tagline to explain or evoke what your company does, you don’t need a tagline – you need a stronger brand name. However, if you have a great business name and simply want a tagline to help position your company, you’ve come to the right place. We love writing emotional taglines, and since most of us are biological women, or women trapped inside a man’s body, we’re especially good at it.
Some taglines we’ve created:
Retriever (GPS for pets)
Many happy returns.

Red Oak Realty
Nice move.

Oregon Hazelnuts
Indulgence in a nutshell.

Swingset Kitchens
Where taste buds soar.

Alaska Seafood
Ask for Alaska.

Pop Psychology
Crazy for popcorn.

Wild Alaska Salmon
Naturally abundant.

Dash (Gap’s travel makeup kit)
A little color goes a long way.

The value of good deeds.

Quench your body and mind.

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