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Is your company is continually slammed creating names for new products, your review process is like herding cats, and getting everyone to agree on a name needs a boxing referee? Now you can stop the madness with this one-of-a-kind corporate branding service.

Eat My Words founder, Alexandra Watkins, is a brand name expert and former client-side copywriter who is all too familiar with the frustrations of in-house name creation processes (and lack thereof). That’s why she’s created a supercharged, super fun naming workshop just for corporate professionals: Spilling the Beans.

Jam-packed with Alexandra’s proven best practices for creative brand name development and consensus building exercises, all secrets will be revealed. (That’s why it’s called, “Spilling the Beans.”) Up to 15 people from your company can attend and Alexandra welcomes everyone, including engineers. She can teach anyone to name like a pro.

Unlike traditional trainings where you struggle to stay awake, and take notes that you may never reference, this highly engaging session will have you putting what you learn into action right on the spot because we will actually name one of your products in real time. (Alexandra will even show up with some starter names to get the ball rolling.)

Don’t spend another afternoon in a brainstorming meeting, staring at a white board in a white room expecting great ideas to materialize out of thin air. Bring Alexandra in to teach you how to be a creative naming genius.

Highlights include:

  • Alexandra’s best brainstorming tools & ideation resources
  • How to choose product names based on merits vs. politics.
  • Best practices for consistently strong names
  • Name a product in real time (invite a project manager to brief us)
  • Brainstorm individually using just-learned tools and techniques
  • Review your product names with fair and streamlined process
  • Collectively choose the best names

For more information about these naming workshops, contact us at (415) 552-7741.

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