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Consumers Eat Up

Eat My Words was founded in 2005 by brand name expert Alexandra Watkins, author of the best-selling creativity book, Hello, My Name is Awesome. Since then, our branding firm has made a name for itself by cooking up unforgettable names and working with clients from Amazon to Xerox.

Our Secret Sauce: Likeable Names

Your brand name will last longer and get used more often than any other business investment. It’s not enough just for you to like your name, your customers need to like it, too. Yet many names aren’t very likeable. At best, most names are mediocre. Yet most professional naming firms use linguistic voodoo and mangle the alphabet to construct “naymz.” Consumers don’t respond to name mutations and amalgamations. Unfamiliar words lack the “feel-good” emotional connection that humans crave.

At Eat My Words, we create powerful brand names that connect with people and move them to buy because they are based on familiar words and concepts that people understand and appreciate. We are the only naming firm that consistently creates this style of likable names. Names that consumers “get.” A GPS for dogs named Retriever. A frozen yogurt franchise named Spoon Me. The Neato robotic vacuum. The cult of the Church of Cupcakes. If these names make you smile, let’s talk.

More to like about having a name created by Eat My Words:

  • No time wasted explaining how it’s spelled, pronounced, or what it means
  • Creates differentiation for brand recognition, visibility, and recall
  • Rich in wordplay to use in marketing materials and brand extensions
  • Vivid imagery helps aid in consumer memory, inspires design materials
  • Stays fresh and vibrant so it never becomes dated or looks like a copycat
  • Lets you sleep at night because rest assured, you have an awesome name

If you want to hear how we can help you make a name for yourself, let’s talk.

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