Founded in 2005 by brand name expert Alexandra Watkins, an award-winning advertising copywriter and author of Inc. Magazine Top 10 Marketing Book “Hello, My Name is Awesome… How to Create Brand Names That Stick,” our branding agency, Eat My Words, is a premier brand name consulting agency that works with companies to cook up unforgettable brand names and taglines.

Consumers love our flavor of names because they make people smile instead of scratch their heads. (We filter all of our names through our SMILE & SCRATCH name evaluation test, which has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and Inc.)

From Amazon to Coca-cola to Google, our clients have us on speed dial because we consistently deliver fresh, unexpected, love-at-first-sight company names, product names and taglines. And we make the process fun. Sure, naming a business is serious, but it doesn’t mean we can’t have serious fun doing it.

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